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Slitting and Rewinding Machines

  • Model 10,000 Level 6 Slitter Rewinder

The closed loop operator control station features set-up, machine run & fault finding screens with key-pad input. Screen based operator controls include automatic rewind taper tension for true lock core rewinding on the lift-out model, automatic and manual torque control, metre, repeat and shift counters, together with motor ammeters. Each operating parameter has its own graphic display.

Self loading unwind stand, lightweight Tidland shafts, Boschert safety chucks & automatic tension control allow perfect control of even the most sensitive web at high speed.

The latest technology in web guiding, the Fife CDP-01, features line, and edge control plus loss-of-line lock. The CMC PC digital automatic tension control system includes soft-start and hi-low tension range features.

Technical Data  
Maximum Rewind Diameter 610mm - 835mm (HD)
Maximum Unwind Diameter (Integral) 1000mm
Maximum Unwind Diameter (Independant) 1800mm
Maximum Reel Weight (Integral) 1000kg
Maximum Reel Weight (Independant) 1500kg
Maximum Speed 460mpm
Reel Width 1000mm - 2100mm
Min Slit Width 25mm


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2006 Product CD

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