Black Hops

The Tronics team in Queensland were there for support as our factory became more and more self-sufficient
raw material and machined material
What we Do
Work closely with the customer's production needs to custom design, build & deliver a labelling and coding solution that upscales the business.
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roads across australia
What They Do
Proudly produce and distribute craft beer to thousands of venues across Australia, as one of the fastest-growing breweries.
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The Factory Production

Filling and lidding

Pallets loaded with cans are elevated to the upper section of Black Hops' filling and capping machinery. There, they are filled with one of Black Hops' recipes and sealed.

Coding the cans

Black Hops cans are then inverted using a twist block on the production line.

The cans are dried before they proceed to the Tronics Videojet Inkjet machine, where batch information, such as use by dates, are printed onto the bottom of the cans at high-speed.

Label Applied to 4 Pack

The cans are inverted again with a twist block and clipped together into sets of four with a carrier.

The united cans are then conveyed through a Tronics S1000 labeller, which applies the barcode label.

Outer carton coding

The 4 packs are gathered and systematically placed into cartons (please note that this is not our proprietary machinery).

These cartons proceed to have batch numbers imprinted on them using a Tronics Sojet machine.

This is the final packaged product ready for warehousing or shipment.

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