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About Aldus

Serving manufacturing across Australia since 1949.

We have over 300 staff at 14 global destinations from Edinburgh and Sydney to Chicago. Our range of brands coupled with our in-house engineering and manufacturing capability positions Aldus as your first choice for any printing, labeling, coding or any product branding application.

Call one of our local offices today for expert advice on labelling and printing solutions that will deliver improvements and cost downs across your business.

Why Aldus

Our company name was inspired by Aldus Manutius. Aldus Pius Manutius born 1449 was an Italian humanist, scholar, educator, and the founder of the Aldine Press. The Aldine Press is famous in the history of typography, among other things, for the introduction of italics. The press was the first to issue printed books in the small octavo size, similar to that of a modern paperback, and like that intended for portability and ease of reading, the press issued 132 books during twenty years of activity under Aldus. Aldus was at the forefront of printing and modern manufacturing- making reading available to the general public..

Aldus Pius Manutius born 1449 was an Italian humanist, scholar, educator, and the founder of the Aldine Press.